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Photo Gallery
Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.



So, you want to spice up your web pages? You have gone in search for that fancy script but its the wrong color or font. Or you like it, but you just want to be different from everyone else. Look no further. Here I have taken scripts and have given them quite unique looks - you can do the same. Most sites that offer scripts give very good instructions on how to implement them.

Online Generators
Here you can make dynamic menus, drop downs, animated buttons, frames, CSS, Form to Mail, Form Validators, image rollovers etc  .... check them out

Dynamic Navigation
Webstyle now has Front Page and Dreamweaver integration - few clicks and you can have dynamic navigation.


Web Tools and Thingies
These are all products I have used myself, so can highly recommend them. There are more to come, but check out the ones mentioned so far. They are ideal for beginners and experts alike. Easy to understand and use, FREE or very reasonably priced. Over time I have downloaded and tried out many programs and tools and thingies, and these are the ones I have ended up staying with.

Graphic Program
We have all heard of Photo Shop, Paint Shop Pro and Corel etc, but how many of you have heard of Xara, or seen its results, or even tried it out? Xara offers vector based graphic programs, which are so simple to understand and use, with results that are quite stunning. Graphics on this site have been made with Xara - okay mine may not be stunning - but they are bright and cheerful, which is what I wanted. They were incredibly easy to make and saved me huge amounts of time. Don't just take my word for it, go and see some of the examples.