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Various Tutorials for Front Page Users


TIPS & TRICKS and stuff
Few tips and tricks for users of Front Page 2002
for previous versions the methods may vary

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Photo Gallery
Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.





Add a shadow to almost anything
You don't need Front Page for this, but this is one neat, cool image trick. Whether you have an image, table, form ..... make it stand out on the page with this shadow image - no need for graphic program. Just don't overdo it, otherwise the impact will be lost.
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Photo Gallery
Here you have a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Front Page 2002 Photo Gallery - including demo galleries and how to customise. Opens in new window.
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Bullet/number lists - position anywhere on page
Have you wanted a list, yet wanted the list to actually start at the margin - yet still act like a list, with indented text?? Well you can.
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Hover Buttons - remove the white space:
These are actually Java Applets - not one of Front Page's better ideas. I would certainly recommend you use JavaScript for mouseover buttons as FP hover buttons are very unreliable. But if you want to use the hovers, then this page will show you how to get rid of the white space between each button.
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Tables - browser inconsistencies:
Setting table measurements is a must if you want all browsers to view them correctly - take a look and see how your tables could look if you don't do this.
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This is a FREE downloadable program for doing mouseovers. There is also a very cheap pro version, which is excellent. It is not an add-in for Front Page, but here you will find screen shots and various tips to help you use the program with Front Page.
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Adding Word doc to Front Page
Importing a Word .doc into front page can give some really unusual coding! Find out the best way to do this to produce a web page with no bloated code.
Check it out





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