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MOUSE OVER Button Wizard
(MOBW) program
as mentioned in Talk Front Page Forum

program can be downloaded here

night and day

screenshots of Pro version

Here are some  tips for using
freebie program
with Front Page


First make sure all your images are actually in your Front Page web ready to be used.

You will need the following information for each mouse over

  1. The exact name for each image. Code is case sensitive, so if you have an image called granny.gif you cannot call it Granny.gif
  2. You will need to know the image extension i.e. .gif or .jpg or .jpeg
  3. You will also need the path to the image. If they are in the same folder as your web page then the path will be simply granny.gif. If they are not, and you do not know how to work out what it is, then do the following:
    Highlight any text on your page, and go through the motions of creating an ordinary hyperlink. Browse to where your image is and create the hyperlink to it. Now look at the code in HTML view, it will look something like this -
    <a href="../granny.gif">any word here</a>
    you need to make a note of what appears in place of the green text. Once you have done that you can delete the hyperlink you just made.
  4. Finally, you need to know the url you are wanting to link the mouse-over to.



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