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You don't need Front Page for this little trick



Highlight table with shadow image

Place what you like inside this main cell - a form, image, another table ...



Give an Image a shadow, doesn't matter
the size of image - the shadow will "fit" all
as the shadows will expand as the table grows.

Headings and para headings


Here is how you do it

Make a table like the one below - the main cell is where you will be putting your content, which can even be another table ..... whatever you like


  1. Make the right cell 16 pixels wide

  2. The square cell in the corner 16 pixels wide and high.

  3. The bottom cell 16 pixels high.

This main content cell make what size you like, depending on content.


Insert shadow images
you will find these in the next table for downloading
  1. In the right hand 16 pixel wide cell have background image called rcb.jpg (right cell back) and then insert into cell the image called rci.jpg (right cell insert).
  2. Bottom square cell have background image called sb.jpg (square background) and insert the image called blank.gif. This is a transparent image - an empty cell can cause Netscape to collapse the cell, so this just fill it, but won't be seen..
  3. Finally, the bottom cell have as background image bcb.jpg (bottom cell background) and insert the image bci.jpg (bottom cell insert).
Make sure that the cells are aligned correctly - i.e horizontally left and vertically top, or the inserted images won't be in correct place


Here are the images for you to download. Just right click on each image and "Save Picture as ...."


The blank.gif is transparent so have set it into a small table with border color, so you know where to click to save image.


Below are a couple of examples of images set into the main table cell


Ballet Dancer


And here is a plain text menu - doesn't matter how many links, the menu shadow will just expand with it.


I think it gives rather a nice effect. Just don't use it too often or the effect will be lost.



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