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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Generator

You will be guided step by step through the CSS generator.

First make your selection from STEP 1 - further options will then appear.
Once you have completed those options, you can then go back to STEP 1 and make another selection.
DO NOT click on the FINISHED button at the bottom until all your selections have been made - doing so will result in code being repeated and your CSS not working.

Step 1: 
Step 2:       
Step 3:  Background color or image???: Please click on either  YES     or        NO
Step 4:  Choose a background color: 
Type in a background image source: 

then click on the FINISHED button before copying any code. Do not click the button more than once.
What? You DID click on it before you had finished - and you clicked it twice -
Okay read this to get yourself out of the mess.

Paste CSS code below in between your <head></head> tags.

When finished, test it here

If you do click on the FINISHED button before you are ready - don't worry. Look for this code at the top of the text box with your CSS code in:

<style type="text/css">

and this code at the bottom:


and delete it. If you clicked on the button more than once, then that code will be repeated - delete it all. Make sure there is a line space above the CSS code once you have deleted though, if not insert one. You can now carry on with your selections until you have finished - but remember to then hit the FINISHED button again when you have finally finished and the code will be reinserted for you.