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Photo Gallery

Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.


3D Text Maker

There are plenty of online text makers around, but this is by far the best online tool for 3D text - All the 3D text graphic headings on this site were made with the full program in seconds - have a go this site's free online version!
Click here to use the FREE online 3D text maker

Vertical or Horizontal Menu with sub menus
Here you have a dynamic menu either going across top of the page, or as a "block" down the side.
View example 1   
View example 2
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Advanced Menu
Menu items set into table and when links are moused over, a description is displayed below
View example
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Dynamic Menu
Similar to the Vertical one above, but slightly different in appearance
View example
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Horizontal Menu + description
Links go across the top of the page with a description box alongside
View example
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Menu Bar
Menu items across top of the page. When links moused over, you get a button effect - like the Explorer tool bar.
View example
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Menu Tree
Here you have an expandable menu when items are clicked on
View example
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Drop Menu - plain

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Drop Menu + Go button

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Animated Buttons

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Button rollover

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Image mouseover/rollover

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Form to Mail
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Form Validator
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Pop-up Alert Message

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Frames maker
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Meta Tag maker
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Password Generator
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Status Bar scroller
View example
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Preload images
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