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Graphic programs well worth getting.

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To me, the best web graphic programmes around - 3D text, banners, logos, buttons, themes, dynamic menus - all with just a few clicks of your mouse - great stuff!

Xara 3D online Text maker
Really superb 3D text maker. Although not many to choose from, they are excellent. If you are impressed, then check out Xara's other products listed below - including the full version of Xara 3D which has loads of templates.
Go try it out

Xara3D - full version
So simple to use, literally anyone can produce high quality 3D graphics in minutes. Both professional web graphic designers and home computer users have been using Xara3D to make buttons, animated gifs, banner graphics and titles for web pages and presentations.

Unlike much modern 'bloatware' that offers more features than are ever likely to be used, and take an age to learn and understand, Xara3D has been created to perform one job, and performs that job with style, speed, and slick simplicity.

Xara3D is solely designed to create the highest quality 3D titles and logos for use on Web pages. All images are fully anti-aliased for that smooth professional quality. Xara3D can also create simple, high quality animated GIFs or AVI movie sequences in seconds. Xara 3D 5 the latest release - now comes with Flash export. So, at last you can make stunning animated or static 3D graphics and use them within your Flash movies, or just put them on a web site as they are - Xara 3D has loads of new enhancements.
check it out

Dynamic navbars - Front Page and Dreamweaver integration!!
Webstyle is an essential tool for anyone creating Web graphics. With Webstyle, making professional quality Web graphics is both quick and easy for everyone - regardless of skill levels. The results are guaranteed to be high quality both in terms of the on-screen appearance and in terms of artistry and originality. No complex software to learn, no designer's fees to pay, no graphics expertise needed and no design skill required. NavBars, dynamic NavBars,  animated banner ads, 2D and 3D headings, buttons, bullets, dividers, logos, backgrounds, complete sets of themed graphics.
Webstyle 3 introduces dynamic navbars - either used as a stand alone program, or from directly within Front Page or Dreamweaver - just a few clicks and superb looking dynamic menus are created.
Check it out

Xara Xtreme
Has one of the most sophisticated rendering engines in any graphics package. All changes are instant. Bevel, Shadow, Transparency, Fill, Contour and Blend tools; , no entering into lengthy dialogue boxes, just drag and drop. Want to change the color of an object - just drag and drop new color - instant results. For detailed work Xara X can zoom up to 27,000%, that's 72,000 dpi. Flash export; integration with Dreamweaver; navigation bars and a whole lot more ..... go on,
check it out

This is one brilliant free little program that will add Novas, starbursts to your images within seconds.
Go try it out

Another great free program. Add a shadow to an image. Select shadow color, background color. It will only work on a .bmp but you can easily convert to and from .bmp using free  irfanview - which in itself is an amazing program.  Here are two images before and after using FreeShadow. It took around 15 seconds to create the colored background and shadow.  If you use a WYSIWYG web editor then when you insert the bmp image upon saving the page you can get your editor to convert to jpg ... takes a couple seconds with FrontPage.


After ... cell background color and shadow blends perfectly

And here is one with white background and red shadow


Here it is again with a more solid red shadow

Click here to download FreeShadow - unzip then just double click the program and it works without installing.





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