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 Instantly add starbursts and rays to your images


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Download program here  (974kb)

Self-extracting zip - will unzip to your desktop in folder
called novamatic. Then double click on the SETUP.EXE to instal

Novomatic  is a freeware Win32 program designed to create cool graphic effects known as novas on existing windows bmp images.

You will have to convert any jpg or gif images into bitmaps first ....... free program like IrfanView will do that for you in a couple of clicks, and will also convert them back again. Or you could use WebOpt to convert back into jpg or gif and at the same time optimise your images.

This is the program interface. File/open and browse to your bitmap .... in this instance I have loaded a picture of the Moon.


Novamatic - create starburst etc on your images

There are three types of "Nova" - Globular, Rays and Supernova, each with their own individual settings.

You can have a gaussian or cauchy effect and select the color of your Nova.

You just left click onto your image and the desired Nova will appear instantly. File/revert will undo.

This is a straight forward program - available options are those you can see in the image on the left - yet the results are truly amazing.

It takes seconds to create the Nova effects which would take far longer in any other graphic program.

Also, this program is FREE - what more could you ask for.


Here is a before and after ..... few seconds to add the Sun to the image.

and below I was just messing around ........

Download program here  (974kb)

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