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As with all of the Xara products, this is simplicity itself to use. The navigation bar on this page was made with Webstyle, and took very little time to  make - the hardest part was in deciding which style to use!

Webstyle's professional templates allow you to easily create all the web graphics you need - NavBars, buttons, banners, bullets, dividers, backgrounds and 2D and 3D headings.

Webstyle is an essential tool for anyone creating Web graphics. With Webstyle, making professional quality Web graphics is both quick and easy for everyone, regardless of skill levels.

The results are guaranteed to be high quality both in terms of the on-screen appearance and in terms of artistry and originality.

No complex software to learn, no designer's fees to pay, no graphics expertise needed and no design skill required - all for just $69 US, that's less than the cost of hiring a designer to create even one banner ad!

How's it done?
It couldn't be easier, you simply generate your graphics by modifying any graphic chosen from the wide range of ready-made Webstyle templates designed by professional artists.

The second important feature is that the templates are vector graphics - and the advantage of vector graphics is that, unlike bitmaps, they can be scaled and re-coloured without any loss of quality. And the XARA technology means that the rendering is super-fast and the output is fully anti-aliased and dithered for the sharpest possible on-screen result.

Webstyle graphics - quality assured
Webstyle includes an extensive range of ready-made NavBars, animated banners, 2D and 3D headings, buttons, dividers, bullets and bitmap textures. There are also complete matching themed sets of graphics.

These images are created by professional designers using Xara X, one of the most powerful graphics creation tools for Windows. This means that they have a rich variety of attributes to start with - for example effects created using graduated transparency, blends, molds and perspective envelopes, a combination of vector and bitmap images, including text.

The 3D headings were created in Xara3D and have a variety of lighting and surface attributes as well as a collection of various extrusions, bevel and font types.

Customizing Webstyle graphics
The user interface has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to effortlessly edit the graphics supplied with Webstyle to suit your particular site.

Selects the type of image to work on - NavBars, Theme Sets, Buttons, Bullets, Backgrounds, 2D headings, 3D headings, Dividers, Logos and animated Banner Ads 

Allows you to browse through the different styles of the image type selected. The selected styles shown in the interactive preview window and all changes are displayed real time - no waiting, results are instant.

Text can be added or deleted and can be fully edited, including the font used, weight, position, tracking, line spacing and aspect ratio of the text.

All the individual colour elements can be altered through an intuitive palette, using Hex values or RGB/HSV colour models.

The fill texture of an object (if the design has one) or the background can be changed to any of the selection in the Texture gallery - bitmaps can also added to the gallery from any external source in order to match the intended web page background - and they can be recoloured to create a huge variety of different texture designs.

If the design has a bevel then its depth, profile, contrast and light angle can be altered. The bevel and depth can be changed for all 3D headings.

High quality soft shadows can be added or removed and you also have control over the angle, fuzziness, darkness and whether it is a slanted or drop shadow.

You can re-scale the whole graphic or just make the buttons wider.

Determine which states are required, the colours of the individual states, the button text, the URLs to link to and button spacing. It's as simple as that, the NavBar is exported with all the necessary HTML and JavaScript. Webstyle 3 gives the option of dynamic navbars - check out link at the top.

Export options
The export options give you full control over colour, palette, transparency and format (GIF, PNG, JPEG) so that the final Web-ready graphic output is optimal in both size and quality.

The result is that your web site has graphics created by a designer, but customised for your own site without any loss of quality whatsoever - and without the designer's bill!

NavBars can have up to three states of rollovers - MouseOver, MouseOff and Selected. When you make a NavBar in Webstyle 2 the program will export all the necessary HTML and JavaScript for you too.

Not only does Webstyle include specific NavBar designs, but it also allows you to create NavBars out of any of the other single button designs too.

When you purchase Xara Webstyle, you will be sent a CD-ROM packed with extras. All this for just $69 US. 
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