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Here you will find a variety of menus - using html, dhtml, flash etc - check out the examples - you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

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Photo Gallery
Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.

A fully interactive menu system with separate messaging box and programmable elements, including: link color & behaviour; link box motion indent; link box border colours; link box border styles; link box border width; individual link messages; and default link message. Designed to replace costly Java applets that perform similar functions, the scripting uses no layers or divisions. IE 4-6, NS 6, degrades well with other browsers:
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With IE 5, you can now add a context menu to your webpage. What's a context menu? Well, it's a custom menu that pops up in place of the default context menu when you right click your mouse. This custom menu can do virtually anything you want it to do, although in this script, it's designed to Go to a set of URLs: 
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This menu gives you information about your links in a message box. Can change whole look of menu including background colours, borders etc. IE 4+, NS 6, degrades well with other browsers:
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Interactive menus are a snap with this easy technique... with over- and under-line motion, settable hot and cold colours, settable movement -- and no layers, spans, or divisions needed. IE 4-6, NS 6, degrades well with other browsers:
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This dynamic menu just scrolls onto your screen without a care in the world! Highly configurable being able to set exact position, background colours, borders etc:
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Static-Menu 1:
This menu scrolls down the page with you, so you never lose sight of it. Background, font, borders can all be used to make it visually stunning. Can be vertical or horizontal:
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Static-Menu 111:
This is an easy-to-configure menu script that stays afloat on the left side of the browser, always visible. It appears as a tab, which when you place your cursor over it, opens up into a full menu. Beauty of this menu, is that there is an online tool to make it for you:
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This is a really neat drop down box that resides on your page and scrolls down with you:
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Go Menu with description:
Here you have a drop down box with text area underneath. When you select a link a description appears in the box below. A ' Go ' button will then take you to the page:
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A really neat little script that when links are clicked on, they expand to display anything you like, tables, graphics, links. When clicked on again they contract back. Go see the examples:
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Flash - Navbar buttons:
Well here it is, a flash menu made in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee ! Choice of style, choose color, insert links, add a bit of code to your page..... it really is that easy ! There's an online tool to make it for you:
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Flash - Floating Menu:
This Flash menu floats down the screen as you scroll. Click the menu to open it - it stays open, even while scrolling - until you click it shut again:
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