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Flash Tutorials for Front Page Users


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Photo Gallery
Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.



Microsoft Transitions and Filters are only viewable in IE4+ - some of the later ones in IE5.5. But those browsers that don't support these effects will just see your page without the effect applied - so just remember, as long as your page views okay without the effects - then those that cannot see them - won't know what they are missing! but at the same time will have a perfectly presentable page to view.  Having said that, some of my example pages will not look okay in browsers that do not support these effects as the pages have been made purely to show the effects off.

General Guidance and interactive examples

More Examples

The spotlight follows your mouse round the picture - click and add more lights to your scene.
Take a look

Light up your graphics
No need to mess around with graphic editors, choose any picture and light it up with a myriad of colours.
Take a look

Wave Filter
Apply wave effects to backgrounds, tables, images, startling results.
Take a look

Shadow Filter
Give text, images etc a drop shadow, choose color and direction of shadow.
Take a look

Alpha Filter
Give that picture a fade out effect - radial, rectangular, linear, uniform..great looking effect.
Take a look

Glow Filter
As it says .... it adds a colored glow around an object - very effective.
Take a look

Gradient Filter
Apply red that fades into blue ....... gradients can be applied to a variety of objects with quite dramatic effects.
Take a look





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