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More than just a screen capture tool

below is a screenshot of the above table,  you have to agree the quality is great.

Easyscreen is more than just a screen capture tool......

Features Include:

  • Capture and save anything that shows on your computer screen.

  • Save an "area" of the screen if you wish (crop).

  • Print your screen.

  • Convert any image into a JPEG image.

  • Ability to capture only the top window showing.

  • Ability to convert an entire folder of images into JPEG's with one click.

  • Pass any image directly into PC Paintbrush for modifying, printing, editing.

  • Ability to capture pull-down menus on other applications.

  • Embed text messages directly into saved images.

  • Print a list of all folder contents (sort alphabetically).

  • Paste cropped images directly into the windows clipboard.

  • Capture any new screen with one button click.

  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000.

Go to their site for more information and to view their other products.  Free trial of Easyscreen

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