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Web Graphic Optimiser

WebGraphics Optimizer

Screenshot from WebGraphic Optimiser

(screenshot taken with EasyScreen)

The image above shows the original picture on the left, then the final optimised image on the right.

Notice the size of the original picture is 66,334 bytes which would take 20.7 seconds to download at 28.8k. This has been reduced down to 12,732 bytes which would take 4.0 seconds to download at 28.8k. A remarkable saving.

Optimising your images for faster download times, can make all the difference between someone staying on your site or giving up and going elsewhere.

You can change color resolution and see results in 'real time'.

View each frame of an animated gif, or play them continuously and view changes you have made.

You can resize images, change brightness or contrast, use emboss filter or select one of the others.

Up to 5 variations can be viewed and compared at the same time, while you change the compression ratio, color depth, dithering, color palette and file format of an image in real-time. That way you can find the best possible quality with high compression. Choose between manual apply and auto-apply.

There is an intellioptimise feature that will automatically detect the best graphic format and compression for you. WebOpt supports 38 different graphic file formats and will compress and convert them into jpeg or gif web graphics.

Latest version when writing this is 4.2
These are added features:
New: IntelliTransparence feature:
This feature checks for the best transparency color, even if the transparent color was removed due to color reduction.

Transparency will now be recognized when loading an image.

New display option "Fit to window":
This feature adjusts the zoom level so that all variations fit into the application window.

Support for 13 new file formats added!
There are also some file formats that are mainly used under Unix for better portability. These are the new file formats:
Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Windows Clipboard (CLP), Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), XpicMap (XPM), Interchange File Format (IFF), Portable Bitmap Utilities (PBM), Dr. Halo (CUT), X-Window Dump (XWD), Hewlett Packard HPGL (PLT), Intergraph Microstation (DGN), XBitMap (XBM), Intergraph RLE (ITG).


Go check out all the other goodies with the program and then download free trial.

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