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Web Design - ideas and help ..... by a beginner - for beginners

A variety can be found here. Use pop-ups sensibly - they are not every viewer's favorite - and have been known to drive people away from sites.

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Photo Gallery
Here is quite a comprehensive tutorial on how to insert the Gallery and then customise it to your liking.

More Front Page Tutorials
These are flash tutorials ..... very quick loading.



Chromeless pop-up:
This is a frameless window, looking totally flat as though it is one of those sticky-notes, with chrome coloured title bar - most unusual
Go see it

Remote pop-up:
Here you have a very configurable pop-up whose links open the page in the original window.
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Simple pop-up:
Ordinary pop-up windows, but shows how to have them with scrollbars, without scrollbars etc, define size and position of pop-up with the ability to test each one. These are simple codes, with no browser detects added etc, have been tested in IE5.5 and NS4 and 6
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Flying pop-up:
This is a pop-up with a difference - it will literally fly either across your page or down your page! Don't believe me - go take a look. As a big extra bonus, the authors have an online wizard so you can make your own within seconds!! Truly a beginners delight.
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Bride of Windows:
Well an extraordinary name implies an extraordinary window, and that is what you get. We all know we can get rid of scrollbars, or tool bars etc, but here you can have that boring, dull grey title bar, and window frame, whatever color you like, spoilt for choice!
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